Clonaid and its discontents

This article gives some real insight into the current Clonaid brouhahah. It argues not only that the media at large got it wrong by treating the story as credible, but also, quite convincingly, that the mis-reporting has had real damage, by shifting the national conversation about genetics and bio-ethics in the wrong direction.

More generally, the piece is a cautionary tale about the cluelessness of today's media about technology and science (how long did it take until the "Information Super Highway" usage died out?). It's also a sobering reminder of the harm that sensationalistic, breathless reporting (read: Drudge) can do.

Read it.

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When I see stuff like this, it nurses my nagging suspicion that The Onion houses a staff of earnest, second-rate reporters, rather than a collection of jaded humorists. You just never know.

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